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5 Helpful Tips to Help Grow your E-Commerce Website


The Internet today gives online businesses the opportunity to reach out to a much wider audience. However, with having easier accessibility to global markets comes increased competition. Having an aggressive marketing strategy in place you may be able to garner a wide range of unique traffic to your website however, translating that into a conversion rate may be slightly trickier. If people are visiting your website but that visit doesn’t result in them buying your products or services then the result of your marketing strategy is unsuccessful.
Ways to combat this dilemma starts with having a well designed website that is appealing to users. It should have relevant and useful information for the user alongside the simplicity of using it. The bottom line is that it should be easy to navigate, should be compatible with different platforms and should have valuable information. Here are 5 tips that will help make your E-Commerce website more effective and successful.

1. Easy to Use

Making an impact is important when a user clicks on your website. The first thing people notice when they come onto your website is how easy it is to navigate. If it seems unclear they tend to leave within seconds. Thus, you should make sure that your website is clear and can be viewed properly across different platforms. That is your website should automatically readjust its screen resolution and size based on the platform used by the user. You can do this by using responsive Web design techniques and providing a separate mobile version of your website.

2. Good Performance

Nothing is more annoying than having to wait for a website to load. Users often leave the website or click on the back button if the website content is not quick enough to load. The reasons for slow loading of content can be attributed to either to the hosting company or the design. Design flaws that slow down your website may include poor coding, too many graphics or a complicated theme or design. If the problem lies with your hosting company then perhaps you would be better off finding an alternative hosting company.

3. Quality of your Content

People visit your website for information which is why subject matter is important. They may want to know more about your product, get user reviews, and get access to user manuals as well as other information about your product before they decide to purchase it.

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By providing your users with the information they are looking for can result in building trust thus, leading to a higher conversion rate. By contrast putting up sales pitches and advertisements for your products may actually deter them from making the purchase. Pay special emphasis on your grammar, spellings and avoid copywriting mistakes as they reflect badly on your credibility.

4. Content Diversity

While information in text format is important for users, people tend to be more visually stimulated. In order to maintain their interest there needs to be a range in the content presented. You can engage your customers with pictures of your product as well as showing them a video. You can put your picture in thumbnail format in order to preserve performance and avoid slow loading websites. They can then click on the picture to see a larger version. Videos result in better user engagement and can be used to explain your product features, usability and for giving reviews.

5. Excellent Security

Having fool proof security features on your website is crucial in order to retain customers. Users must have confidence in your website to give out important personal information. Thus, you should partner with a secure e-commerce platform with an immaculate reputation in order to prevent any lapses in security. All e-commerce websites should also use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and should not store any personal information such as full credit card details and other sensitive information in your site’s database. A hacking attempt on your website can prove to be detrimental for your online business as it could breach your customers trust and could result in a massive loss of consumers.

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